You & More Ltd provide consultancy services to leaders and leadership teams that improve their effectiveness and help them to deliver their personal and strategic goals. 

We provide leadership development for both individuals and for teams. Personal leadership development receives much more attention than the development of consistently good leadership across the whole organisation and we want to change that bias!



Elite athletes, dancers and singers all have coaches. They are not expected to go it alone without one. They require consistently high performance and support. The business world is no different. Executives interact in an equally demanding environment, leading people in today’s complex, competitive world. Therefore, providing a professional coach is a sign that your organisation is investing in its future success.


Many high profile successes and failures – IT giants such as Apple and some of the banking sector are examples – have been attributed to culture. There is a strong relationship between culture and performance. The benefits of a great culture include being in a position to delight customers and staff, and amplify things that are important to you, such as accountability, innovation, flexibility and rigour. A great culture will make extraordinary performers out of ordinary people.


Team Coaching works with the team as a system as opposed to a collection of individuals. It is an individual and team development process that uses an integrated combination of interventions to improve collaborative leadership skills and team performance.

It is an ongoing process to sustain change over time as opposed to a one-off team development event or a facilitation process tackling a specific issue. In the same way as in executive coaching it is focused on achieving your desired outcomes.



We are renowned for our carefully researched, custom-built workshops that are rigorously focused on the issues that matter to you. They provide clear and practical ways forward and overcome those tricky problems you have been wrestling with. We also provide continuing support following a workshop to ensure that the outcomes do not get lost to the pressures of everyday work.

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We have offices in UK, Belgium and Austria. Our experts have all held senior leadership positions and each has over 25 years experience of leadership.